Wednesday, September 7, 2011

Emotion Makes Us Mistake

Emotion makes us mistake. Don’t fall in emotions or don’t try to fall others into it. Unless, you do repeat your mistakes. It explores you as a poor personality and the situation can take advantage of this. You may be cheated by them. You may lose your weight in front of them which was created with a lot effort and a years of investment by you. You may have already faced this while you are talking with your boss, teacher or friends. You can’t control yourself and speak out a lot in front of them which is not sharable in that certain time and situation.

When you find yourself with this, just be aware about it and take a decision. The time has come that you need to go a depth silence and be a best listener to others. Maintain this life style for a time period and during that try to be more strong on it and take care of it. When you feel that now you are fine and you can control yourself now, you start speak little. Take trials, analyze yourself.

But the key is; Keep silence, Listen others. Express your thoughts with a rest.

Keep in mind; Words doesn’t come return once it’s spoken out.

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