Friday, September 9, 2011

Want to Help Nation? Then, Build an Army

With the age grown up, many times we come through some of inspired events in our life those make us patriotism for some times. Like the last historical movement against corruption called by Anna. This type of movements are always being powerful effect on the society. If you look at the revolutions those moved by Gandhi, Mangal Pandey or Subhash Bose, all were most powerful to motivate people. That time many of us join with them and make the movement successful. We take promises, curate people to develop a team who will work forward for the nation.

But if you want be a hero like them:) Or you want to help nation as them, then follow their path; read their life; find juice, secret of their success. You will find an army behind them. They have own army. They don’t wait for others, don’t ask for others’ help. They don’t need a team with them to protest bad things. They take steps first and alone. This is the power that they use in their movements. People come with them. They are one man army. If you want to build an army, be an one man army.

Stand against small issues that comes in your daily life. Stand with them who brings good things to your society.  But keep in mind; though you are an one-man army, you have to know your limitations also:)

Best of luck!

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