Thursday, December 26, 2013

Fir Ek Promise..!!

fir ek promise..!!
kitne promise le le k jiyenge vai.. !!!

aj vi promise lena padega yesa kavi socha nahi tha..
jyese fir ek surbat...
jyese kanha ghum gaye the hum.. aur laut aye..
ya fir kanha galat the aur fir galt kar rahe hain..
kuchh vi pata nahi hume..
bas laute hain jii....

fir ek promise.. !!
dekhte hain kya hota hai..

Thursday, August 29, 2013

I Started Expecting and You Started Going Away

I started expecting from you..
you started going away from me..

now I am afraid of losing you..
so stopped expecting..
but did you stop going away?
No!! Right??

yup.. it may that I am not a type of friend that you are looking for..
I am not perfect as you want.. so you donno wanna come back..
it's a right time to go away with a cause.. to avoid me.. so nice.. :)

it was a right to be loved by you.. cared by you..
are they called expectations??

of-course, you should go away if someone is expecting without your prior permissions..

hmm.. I see.. expectation is the cause of sorry. But what I expected??
can't my mom expect love from me?? can't my friends expect care from me??
can't I expect care from my beloved??

So I asked you, myself and my friends; Should my expectations be always zero in all cases?

hello, it's not an anger message for anybody.. so please don't take on me or yourself.. i just felt my friend's pain and wrote it..

thanks again to the pain for helping me to write.. :)
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Saturday, April 20, 2013

Wen I Got Enough Confidence

Wen I Got Enough Confidence,

The Stage Was Gone!

Wen I Was Shure Of Losing,

I Won!

Wen I Needed The People Most,

Dey Left Me!

Wen I Learnt To Dry My Tears,

I Found A Shoulder To Cry On!

Wen I Became Busy,

I Got Friends!

Wen I Mastered The Skill Of Hating,

Somebody Started LOVING Me!

After Waiting For Dawn,

I Fell Asleep & The Sun Came Out!

That's Life!

Simply Unpredictable

Source: Collected from friends facebook post