Thursday, August 29, 2013

I Started Expecting and You Started Going Away

I started expecting from you..
you started going away from me..

now I am afraid of losing you..
so stopped expecting..
but did you stop going away?
No!! Right??

yup.. it may that I am not a type of friend that you are looking for..
I am not perfect as you want.. so you donno wanna come back..
it's a right time to go away with a cause.. to avoid me.. so nice.. :)

it was a right to be loved by you.. cared by you..
are they called expectations??

of-course, you should go away if someone is expecting without your prior permissions..

hmm.. I see.. expectation is the cause of sorry. But what I expected??
can't my mom expect love from me?? can't my friends expect care from me??
can't I expect care from my beloved??

So I asked you, myself and my friends; Should my expectations be always zero in all cases?

hello, it's not an anger message for anybody.. so please don't take on me or yourself.. i just felt my friend's pain and wrote it..

thanks again to the pain for helping me to write.. :)
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