Thursday, December 26, 2013

Fir Ek Promise..!!

fir ek promise..!!
kitne promise le le k jiyenge vai.. !!!

aj vi promise lena padega yesa kavi socha nahi tha..
jyese fir ek surbat...
jyese kanha ghum gaye the hum.. aur laut aye..
ya fir kanha galat the aur fir galt kar rahe hain..
kuchh vi pata nahi hume..
bas laute hain jii....

fir ek promise.. !!
dekhte hain kya hota hai..

Thursday, August 29, 2013

I Started Expecting and You Started Going Away

I started expecting from you..
you started going away from me..

now I am afraid of losing you..
so stopped expecting..
but did you stop going away?
No!! Right??

yup.. it may that I am not a type of friend that you are looking for..
I am not perfect as you want.. so you donno wanna come back..
it's a right time to go away with a cause.. to avoid me.. so nice.. :)

it was a right to be loved by you.. cared by you..
are they called expectations??

of-course, you should go away if someone is expecting without your prior permissions..

hmm.. I see.. expectation is the cause of sorry. But what I expected??
can't my mom expect love from me?? can't my friends expect care from me??
can't I expect care from my beloved??

So I asked you, myself and my friends; Should my expectations be always zero in all cases?

hello, it's not an anger message for anybody.. so please don't take on me or yourself.. i just felt my friend's pain and wrote it..

thanks again to the pain for helping me to write.. :)
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Saturday, April 20, 2013

Wen I Got Enough Confidence

Wen I Got Enough Confidence,

The Stage Was Gone!

Wen I Was Shure Of Losing,

I Won!

Wen I Needed The People Most,

Dey Left Me!

Wen I Learnt To Dry My Tears,

I Found A Shoulder To Cry On!

Wen I Became Busy,

I Got Friends!

Wen I Mastered The Skill Of Hating,

Somebody Started LOVING Me!

After Waiting For Dawn,

I Fell Asleep & The Sun Came Out!

That's Life!

Simply Unpredictable

Source: Collected from friends facebook post

Thursday, December 6, 2012

"I hate Politics" - and I hate them who follow this phrase

"I hate Politics" - Now days, this is a fashion phrase for young. You know what, putting your nose in others business is bad, but not putting it on your own business is a simply symptom of coward. Politics is not a business of them to whom you elected as your leaders, it is purely yours and you have to look after it.

Do you have any idea about yesterday?? The result of this attitude created a biggest shame for our country. We got banned from International Olympic due to our bad politics. Who are responsible for it?

By the way, if you hate politics, then why you just vote a person in a minute with out thinking further? Ok, let's say you don't participate in any voting process, then why are you showing your dissatisfaction when something happens to you personally due to a system that comes through politics?

Come front, take responsibilities, stop corruptions as much you can. Don't run away from it, unless many more awards are on the way to full fill your home. One day will come, you will be rewarded by other countries as a best lazy, selfish, corrupted person in the world along with your country.

Wednesday, October 24, 2012

The Moment I Started to Forget you!!

The moment I started to forget you.. 
sadness ran away from me..
pain sat in the silence in a corner of my heart..
rock life styles rushed into my life..
many huddles solved out..
life became just easy..

but.. but.. I.. 
I lost the power of writings..
couldn't think more..
not able to enjoying the loneliness moments..
no more posts on my blog..
no status on facebook or twitter..
I am not dreaming more.. or not having a race for my dreams
and now the speed became slow to achieve the success..

the moment i started to forget you...
i tried to enjoy life..
i tried to make others smile..
became joker for other to make them smile..
always being happy..

but.. but.. still the pain was there..
it didn't let me go through like this..
came out last night..
helped me to write this.. and, made others to read this..

thanks to the pain.. and thanks a ton to you.. 

do you know who are you??

Tuesday, May 15, 2012

Why Do You Reply Wrong Though You Know the Correct One?

What is your aim of life? - This is a question that i am asked from my childhood. But my answers are different always!!  Does the answer vary person to person or age to age?

By the way, later I found the answer is one. But most of people reply the answer which is exactly the way to reach at the aim, not the exact answer. Right? When they understood it, the time has been passed and regretted themselves. They had the idea about the answer, but still they ignored that and chose it as their own way. 

Why did they do so? Is it difficult to say and live with the right answer? 

Hmm, may be. But you will find happiness around you always if you can chose the right answer. Yes, do remember that the answer is one and prefixed. :) I wish that you will find it soon and live your life in a great  joy.

Sunday, May 13, 2012

Self Esteem or Ego?

Identification of Self-Esteem and Ego is always a big crucial topic.  I might not have any big tips for you in this post, but surely can assure you that you will find yourself in an imagination sphere after reading this.

We all love to say and see ourselves as a self-respecting person. The both ego and self-esteem are the nouns those can represent you as a unique in a crowd. But which one is better of them? Do you know the difference between them?

Have a study here with some examples:
  • You are a Boss. One day, your sweeper hasn't come. So you don’t also feel comfortable to sweep your own chamber in front of your other employees. – Is it your ego or self-esteem?
  • Your love does not speak with you for past one week; you don’t also initiate the situation to talk first from your side. Is it your ego or self-esteem?
Like the above examples, you can ask the question on your behaviors that are happening in your daily life.

We call it ego when one person acts and decides on his own way without giving or taking any chance. The person, who never likes to be soft, kind, is having more chances into the Egoism.

But the self-esteem comes from one ego. When you convert your ego into the self-esteem, it comes through the softness, kindness, truth, understanding and knowledge. You should be soft and give chances in the case of sweeping and your love.

You took the all steps first, you stopped your ego, but still it’s continuing. Your sweeper and your love took chances of your softness. Then the time has come to think about self- respect. Nobody can call you now that you have ego.

From this post, you might have some points to bring some modifications in your life.  You might be going to name of your behaviors; ego or self-esteem. But still it would be a difficult task; it is always being a very difficult work out to identify the both, so that you would have to study more. On the way of your study, you can say that you are on the way to being a real self-respecting person.

Last 15days back, I was on the road in Andrapradesh, Karnataka and Tamilnadu with my uncle. We were visiting some of spiritual places and learning some of saints’ lives.  We had a discussion on the above topic in the whole journey. It was a great experience. Anyways, that journey with uncle made me to write something on it today. Thanks to uncle and those days.

The next post is: Mildness or Weakness?

When you react on an activity, we can divide your reacts into two parts. In that we can also see the behaviors behind the each two parts. Like:
  1. You didn’t sweep your chamber – In this you may have the ego(You can’t sweep at all as you are a boss) or self-esteem(you don’t want to do that work because your other employees won’t respect you and will feel bad, you don’t want to become a weak in front of your sweeper)
  2. You swept your chamber yourself – In this you may have the Mildness(you are soft, you can give a chance, you want to give a lesson) or Weakness(You can’t be strong in front of a bad, can’t stop or argue with the people)
Here is a great comment on 'Aham' and 'Swaviman' from one of intelligent Men on facebook. (If he will allow me, I will mention his name in future)
First of all, Aham is your existence. It is the supreme consciousness.It is irreducible and far beyond your control. You must understand 'AHAM' and 'AHANKAR' differently. Ego is surely not the exact English equivalent of AHAM.
On the other hand, just opposite to your understanding, Swaviman is the part of our curtailed understanding of Aham. It is the blend of one's altruistic expression with love and possessiveness.It tacitly demands attention, respect and consideration. Swaviman is a great emotional feeling that seeks to tie others with you. The thought of not to be under others clutch is not 'swaviman', it is 'ahankar'. Swabhiman comes with deep involvement and possessiveness.