Thursday, September 8, 2011

I am Simple and Beautiful; Keep Me Like This

I am simple. Why do you people make me critical?  I don’t want to lose my lovers. Keep me simple and beautiful. But sometimes I like to wear some jewellery. You can put those into me while I need go outside. . I don’t like long sentences. I don’t like difficult words. Try to understand that most of peoples are not highly educated as you. Don’t use critical phrases into me. Don’t make me lengthy. Give me some rest. But I like pictures with me. I like comments from you. I like to publish myself as much as you can. But keep in mind; I am very powerful. I can change you. I can destroy you. I can build system and break also. So be careful with me. Please don’t mind; I don’t want any bad things for you. I always love you.

Now days, I am losing my lovers speedily. I am on search for my lovers. If their wants are changing, I am also ready to change for them, because I love them a lot.  But try to keep me in simple.

Do you know who am I? I am a beautiful Article.

Do you love me?

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