Wednesday, September 28, 2011

I Reduced My All Unnecessary Expenses For Food For Poor

Today again, I was shucked for two times for one scene. Some years before i was walking on a footpath nearby Rajmahal Square, Bhubaneswar. I saw one family of three members on that footpath; mother, her 2/3yrs old girl and her 3/4yrs old boy. They were fighting each other for a poor meal collected from any rich men's parties nearby. The meal was not sufficient for a child also, not included minimum items for a needy person also. The mother was taking her own food and the children was fighting to get from her. It was not easy to see the scene by standing there for a while. 

Just 15mins before of that I had finished my lunch in a standard hotel at Rajmahal Square and spent 50rupees for my meal. However, that day 30rupees was enough to fulfill my hungriness and so called necessary vitamins for the day as well. Whether I couldn't able to help that family at-least 20rupees for their food. That day, I was not strong myself to donate that much because of something that I don't know. It's not that I had no money in that moment, but I couldn't able do that. It's all about strong feelings or something else. 

That day, I had taken one promise that at least I will reduce my food expenses, but I had forgotten to add that in my life style. Today again, when I was walking on a footpath near to Silk Board, Bangalore, I saw a family of two members; one mother and her child. She was crying for food and her child was sleeping. I know that it will take time to verify their real needs, but it's true that many people are there in India who can't get their  minimum  food. I was shucked again.

So I planned to reduce my all unnecessary expenses from now on wards.

I can  reduce my exp in this ways:

  • Not going for luxurious food in hotels, parties
  • Avoid bars, drinks, smokes etc
  • If having times, prepare food in room
  • buying or using clothes as minimum requirements
  • not to live in high rented rooms
  • not using vehicles unnecessarily
  • like many more...
If you want to help some poor, you may chose some of the points above or add into the list on which you can compromise.

You may find a needy poor in your family, relatives, friends, neighbors, village or in your daily life. 

I will spend those amount of saved money on food for a poor.

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