Thursday, May 19, 2011

It should be written now!

Hi friends,

Good morning!

I thought i shouldn't miss the mood now, so going to write a thought that just came to my mind. It's amazing way to give off your bad habits that i am going to share with you now.

Every things have a limit. Even if it's for our bad habits.  If you find the limit of it then there is no way to go for the next steps  because you are in now dead line. It's end. So far you don't know that what's the limit your bad habits. I suggest you that you should ask an experience person who has already cross the limit and having a lots of experience on the results. So it's easy to find out the limit of your bad habits. You should reach at limit of your bad habits as soon as possible, unless it ll take a long time to understand the effects and results.

So what's my suggestion is that you find out your limits of your bad habits with an experience person and reach at it asap. I have an idea that how to reach at the limit of our bad habits. Just sit silence and start think about one of your bad habits. And it's results. Now, try to do it as per as possible at the same moment, try to reach at the dead line.

After reach there, just tell me how do you feel now. Still do you want to continue that habits?

But remember you can reach at the limit, but don't cross the limit. It may be dangerous for you.

If you cross, i ll not be there with you.


Thank you!