Tuesday, December 20, 2011

Simplest Ways of Meditation

Listening songs in an early morning, washing clothes, working on a project, digging holes, driving bikes, reading books, cooking food, all are same as praying God. Work is Prayer. It's true.

While you do engage yourself in these works, you need concentrations like you do in prayers. You do prayer or meditations in many ways and all for the peace. If you look at the above activities, in every activities you will find a peace and you will feel calm around you.

The most simplest meditation way is Sweeping a Room. Try to observe while you are sweeping a room; you will feel a happiness without thinking the outer side at that time what you try to do in your meditation.

No need to worry about the timing, process for a meditation, it happens in your work, in your daily life; only need deserving mind towards your work with a satisfied mood.

If you follow the recommended meditation process by great men, it's more good.