Wednesday, September 28, 2011

I Reduced My All Unnecessary Expenses For Food For Poor

Today again, I was shucked for two times for one scene. Some years before i was walking on a footpath nearby Rajmahal Square, Bhubaneswar. I saw one family of three members on that footpath; mother, her 2/3yrs old girl and her 3/4yrs old boy. They were fighting each other for a poor meal collected from any rich men's parties nearby. The meal was not sufficient for a child also, not included minimum items for a needy person also. The mother was taking her own food and the children was fighting to get from her. It was not easy to see the scene by standing there for a while. 

Just 15mins before of that I had finished my lunch in a standard hotel at Rajmahal Square and spent 50rupees for my meal. However, that day 30rupees was enough to fulfill my hungriness and so called necessary vitamins for the day as well. Whether I couldn't able to help that family at-least 20rupees for their food. That day, I was not strong myself to donate that much because of something that I don't know. It's not that I had no money in that moment, but I couldn't able do that. It's all about strong feelings or something else. 

That day, I had taken one promise that at least I will reduce my food expenses, but I had forgotten to add that in my life style. Today again, when I was walking on a footpath near to Silk Board, Bangalore, I saw a family of two members; one mother and her child. She was crying for food and her child was sleeping. I know that it will take time to verify their real needs, but it's true that many people are there in India who can't get their  minimum  food. I was shucked again.

So I planned to reduce my all unnecessary expenses from now on wards.

I can  reduce my exp in this ways:

  • Not going for luxurious food in hotels, parties
  • Avoid bars, drinks, smokes etc
  • If having times, prepare food in room
  • buying or using clothes as minimum requirements
  • not to live in high rented rooms
  • not using vehicles unnecessarily
  • like many more...
If you want to help some poor, you may chose some of the points above or add into the list on which you can compromise.

You may find a needy poor in your family, relatives, friends, neighbors, village or in your daily life. 

I will spend those amount of saved money on food for a poor.

To Prevent Corruption, Don't Wait For a Team - a great experience that shared by Prabhat

I was introduced to Prabhat while I was asking to facebook users for a suggestion on fraud done by mobile service providers. I am suffering in the same, so that I am being prepare to file a sue against TATA docomo in consumer court.

“How Prabhat feels proud by preventing corruption”.  He is sharing his great experience (happened on 27th sep, 11), do read below:

“Yesterday, on the way to office, I was stopped by traffic policemen (Ghazipur, Delhi), and asked to show relevant documents of my bike.
I told them that 1) pollution certificate has expired and 2) Insurance copy that I was carrying is also outdated (although I have the renewed Insurance policy but was not carrying at that time).
The senior Inspector told me to that this will reach to a heavy penalty amt. So he offered me to SETTLE DOWN the matter then n there. (A thought ran in my mind, asking myself: I was the part of people supporting "Anti-Corruption" movement lead by ANNA HAZARE, just a month back, and the practical situation was in front of me, n how to deal with that).

Suddenly, I got my answer, and I refused them to pay anything, and asked them to issue a CHALLAN. Hence, they issued the same with 2 offenses viz. 1) Expired Pollution and 2) Expired Insurance and retained bike's RC (Registration Certificate).

To pay the penalty I was to appear at Karkardooma Court (room no. 30) by 4pm today. So, I went there, at the scheduled time. The moment I parked my bike, a bunch of people called Agents approached me and started querying about the matter, and were assuring to do the job done in 15 min. and were telling me that for both the offenses I 'll be charged about Rs. 2000/-, and if I had the Insurance then Rs 1100/- at least, but they can settle the matter within 500-600 rupees (including their commission worth Rs. 100). From parking up to Room no. 30, some dozens of Agents approached me and delivered the same damn story. I told them "listen, If I were to pay You people then I would have paid the policemen and need not come here".

I submitted the copy of CHALLAN and waited for my turn in Room no. 30. The (Lady)Judge appeared in the court and began hearings... after 5-7 minutes my name was called and was asked to present the valid Insurance doc. I presented the Original doc. and in fraction of seconds she announced the PENALTY AMOUNT, paid the amount immediately, collected my RC and the Amount Receipt later after the rest of hearings. HMMM... I know, u all are interested in the Penalty Amount, to my SURPRISE!! as well, it came to just Rs 100/-, nothing else.

I was getting a feeling of Satisfaction and Proud, in the sense that, ATLEAST I TRIED to live up to the Ideology of 'ANNA's Movement' against Corruption, in real sense.

MORAL: Never hesitate to approach the officials directly to resolve our personal matters. This way, we will get to know the actual rules n regulations and could contribute in removing CORRUPTION. Please Spread if u liked/not liked this.

It was amazing experience...”

We should not wait for a team to prevent corruption that Prabhat proved.

Thanks Prabhat.

Tuesday, September 13, 2011

Sunday Evening with Mr. Jagannath

Sunday evening, I was roaming around Silk Board square. I was relaxing myself after spending the whole day with newspapers, TV and Internet. Suddenly; exactly not suddenly, it was a preplanned to meet Mr. Jagannath on that day at his home. You can say it that was an invitation from him to me after a long time. Though I have gone in last week to meet him but that was not like this time. It was a special meet.  I reached at his home around 6.30Pm. Many people were there before me. All were busy with their own issues with him. I was observing the activities those were going on there. I found that people were sharing their feelings with him, but he was smiling always. “It may be a habit of him”, I thought. I don’t know whether people were getting satisfaction from his answer or not.

In the mean time, we both got a chance to welcome each other. I gave a smile and he also did the same. We moved towards the chairs and took the sit both. He serve me some Prasad. We shared many personal things to each other. I was sharing some serious decision that taken by me, but he was smiling. He was smiling from the beginning. I felt very uncomfortable with his smile. Whereas I was very serious at that time, but he was smiling at me. I thought he was taking me very lightly. I asked him with keeping a little angriness on his smile, but still he was smiling at me. It made me more angry. “Why do you smile while I am sharing my serious problem with you?”, I asked him again. 

“It’s my style. Whatever you are sharing now, I know it before you. The situation is with you now that is created by me. The solution that you are asking me, that is already fixed by me before your sharing. You are playing a role in a drama that directed by me. I have sent to you in this world for doing my job, but you have forgotten about the all things. It’s ok, it was also a part of that drama, but you should come back to your real character. However, you are not doing that. You have been already made you different from my creation and now you are sharing your issues with me to help you. You are sharing with me like a creator of yourself. You are taking promises and showing your madness in front of me. Now you tell me that what would you do if you were in my position? So, I am smiling always. By the way, I am thankful to you that you made me smile.:) ”, replied Mr. Jagannath to me.

He was replying without  taking a rest. I thought that he was waiting for this time to tell me. I stood up from my chair without any single word and move towards my room. Still, he was smiling behind me.

Really, we make him smile always.
You can continue your life like as a foolish as me for his smile or you can return to your real character and responsibilities that also make him smile. It’s your choice how to get thanks from him.

Friday, September 9, 2011

(Team Asha) They Clean our Hearts, Not a Street

Team Asha Bangalore:
Everybody may have seen a banner on I love India Group on facebook. This banner asks us to clean one of the most problems in India. Many people keep their own concerns and also want to all clear. But as I say in my last post that people wait for a team with them to clean these issues. They need a team of manpower’s or a fund of money to participate in this clearing mission. And, this thoughts push them to find themselves in their last age as a failure.

The banner has asked for three issues. Definitely, we can’t think about all at a speed of 100 in one day. But we take one step, choose a small role and start the work like Team Asha. They are waiting for us. They didn’t ask me to join with them. When I saw the video, it’s astonished me a lot. Each Individual army of light(I call good people with this name) was cleaning that street, stadium without asking, without waiting for others. I feel they are not cleaning that street, they are cleaning our hearts.

Want to Help Nation? Then, Build an Army

With the age grown up, many times we come through some of inspired events in our life those make us patriotism for some times. Like the last historical movement against corruption called by Anna. This type of movements are always being powerful effect on the society. If you look at the revolutions those moved by Gandhi, Mangal Pandey or Subhash Bose, all were most powerful to motivate people. That time many of us join with them and make the movement successful. We take promises, curate people to develop a team who will work forward for the nation.

But if you want be a hero like them:) Or you want to help nation as them, then follow their path; read their life; find juice, secret of their success. You will find an army behind them. They have own army. They don’t wait for others, don’t ask for others’ help. They don’t need a team with them to protest bad things. They take steps first and alone. This is the power that they use in their movements. People come with them. They are one man army. If you want to build an army, be an one man army.

Stand against small issues that comes in your daily life. Stand with them who brings good things to your society.  But keep in mind; though you are an one-man army, you have to know your limitations also:)

Best of luck!

Thursday, September 8, 2011

I am Simple and Beautiful; Keep Me Like This

I am simple. Why do you people make me critical?  I don’t want to lose my lovers. Keep me simple and beautiful. But sometimes I like to wear some jewellery. You can put those into me while I need go outside. . I don’t like long sentences. I don’t like difficult words. Try to understand that most of peoples are not highly educated as you. Don’t use critical phrases into me. Don’t make me lengthy. Give me some rest. But I like pictures with me. I like comments from you. I like to publish myself as much as you can. But keep in mind; I am very powerful. I can change you. I can destroy you. I can build system and break also. So be careful with me. Please don’t mind; I don’t want any bad things for you. I always love you.

Now days, I am losing my lovers speedily. I am on search for my lovers. If their wants are changing, I am also ready to change for them, because I love them a lot.  But try to keep me in simple.

Do you know who am I? I am a beautiful Article.

Do you love me?

My Children; They Are Planning To Kill Me; Please Save.

I am in trouble. Many people are planning to kill me now. However, It’s a shame that I had to express this in front of you today. You can’t see this. Though you see this, you act as an unknown to me. Even so, as a mother I can’t see you in destroy. If I ll be killed, I know that my children will be killed. So that I had to come out. You all are blind now. I have cores of  children. But they are busy with themselves. They have forgotten to me.

It’s a very shame that I had to write over here about my children. Sorry for that. Excuse me my children. What don’t I do for you? Whenever you are in trouble, I was with you. Just go to flash back of your life, of your ancestors’ life, look at the history, you will find your mother’s help in every step. You have no identify without me.  You were orphans. I saved you. When you go to abroad, you take my name to show you as a child of great mother. I have ever stopped you from your freedom? Have I ever asked you help me? Should I ask my children to help me, look after me? I think, I am mad. I also agree that some of your ancestors have made me proud. They were really my great children. I am proud of them. But, what about you? You are also forgetting them, their scarifies.
If you will be keeping yourself busy like this way, you must be going to destroy with me. I don’t care that they will kill me, I care you, I love you. I can’t see you in trouble. 
What happed yesterday, the bastards made a blast in Delhi, in our capital! How did they get to dare to do this? How are they getting support to do this always? They are dancing on my heart. They proved me as a helpless. Now, I feel alone, not for parents, for my children. The bastard terrors don’t have feelings. I know, there are some of my children also with them. I think, some wrong has been made with them. So they are angry. Even so, they should care about their mother, sisters. How can they do this with heart less?
I have distributed the responsibilities to my children with some powers. But, some of them are utilizing it for self-comforts. Some of them are politicians, they are busy with luxurious parties, girls, corruptions. They forgot about the safety of mine. They are not ready to listen the bomb sound, see the fear among my other children. We are not safe in our home itself. So, I evoke my children; you come out and make aware to politicians and about their responsibilities.
Now days, terrorists from other countries, our neighbors are waiting for a chance to destroy me. Like China; He is preparing with powerful weapons near to my border. We don’t have that type of powerful weapons to oppose him. He is supporting to our other neighbors against us. He is taking advantage of LTTE issue through Srilanka. Still, these politicians are busy with internal matters, and don’t be prepared for the situation.
If you don’t have money to invest on my security, then let’s collect 1 rupee / month from each person. Don’t forget that we are 120 cores. We can arrange 120 cores in a day by collecting only 1 rupee from each. Put the all money for the security. 
Stop internal issues as soon as possible. It’s created by them to destroy us. Also, stop the disturbed politicians from corruption, catch them as soon as possible. They had made this situation. I support my son Anna for his evoke to bring a strong law against the corruption. Support him more to more. Like him, you create super ideas to stop this situation and come out for me. I will support you until my last blood cell. Our government should be active more in this situation. Unless, you will do a crime by killing your own mother.

At last, I love you all and have a confident on my children. They are good but for some time they are in a wrong way. They will come back to me. They will save me.

I love you.

Wednesday, September 7, 2011

Emotion Makes Us Mistake

Emotion makes us mistake. Don’t fall in emotions or don’t try to fall others into it. Unless, you do repeat your mistakes. It explores you as a poor personality and the situation can take advantage of this. You may be cheated by them. You may lose your weight in front of them which was created with a lot effort and a years of investment by you. You may have already faced this while you are talking with your boss, teacher or friends. You can’t control yourself and speak out a lot in front of them which is not sharable in that certain time and situation.

When you find yourself with this, just be aware about it and take a decision. The time has come that you need to go a depth silence and be a best listener to others. Maintain this life style for a time period and during that try to be more strong on it and take care of it. When you feel that now you are fine and you can control yourself now, you start speak little. Take trials, analyze yourself.

But the key is; Keep silence, Listen others. Express your thoughts with a rest.

Keep in mind; Words doesn’t come return once it’s spoken out.