Friday, September 9, 2011

(Team Asha) They Clean our Hearts, Not a Street

Team Asha Bangalore:
Everybody may have seen a banner on I love India Group on facebook. This banner asks us to clean one of the most problems in India. Many people keep their own concerns and also want to all clear. But as I say in my last post that people wait for a team with them to clean these issues. They need a team of manpower’s or a fund of money to participate in this clearing mission. And, this thoughts push them to find themselves in their last age as a failure.

The banner has asked for three issues. Definitely, we can’t think about all at a speed of 100 in one day. But we take one step, choose a small role and start the work like Team Asha. They are waiting for us. They didn’t ask me to join with them. When I saw the video, it’s astonished me a lot. Each Individual army of light(I call good people with this name) was cleaning that street, stadium without asking, without waiting for others. I feel they are not cleaning that street, they are cleaning our hearts.

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