Wednesday, October 19, 2011

Hum Majboor Nahi Hai

kuchh pane liye kisi ke liye kuchh kar jane ki tamanain... dukh pahuncha ta hai.
aur dukh to hume manjur nehi hai..
Isi liye hum kuchh soche bina aap ko pyar kar jate hai..

par isko hamari majboor sochne ki bhul, bhul se bhi mat karna...
kiunki hum kabhi kisi k age majboor nahi hain..

Thursday, October 13, 2011


Posted by Mr. Dillip:

Dear Friends,

I believe in the Phrase Busy life is easy Life. I know some of you will be agree on this point and some are not. Let’s discuss on it.

There is an old saying Empty mind is devils house. Our Mind is a thought machine. We have million of neurons in our brain. Each neuron generates some electro magnetic signals. Some of them send and some of them receive it. When signals transfers  thought process generates and it gives some meaning. These neurons can’t stay idle. They want to remain busy always when our brain is active or in other words when we are in conscious stage. Our brain has two parts. 1. Conscious & 2. Subconscious. So when we sleep our Subconscious part of brain keeps working. So through out the day what ever we worked, seen, heard, spoke it keeps recording, analyzing, rewinding etc. As a result of which sometimes we see some dreams. So conclusion is that mind needs some thought or input to work productively because it can’t be idle or you can’t be thought less or you can’t force your mind thought less.

Now come to the topic how we can remain easy when we are busy?

Now my question is to you? First analyze your life style. Analyze your Daily activity. What you are doing every day? What you are thinking everyday morning and what you are doing throughout day? Before sleep check did you achieve in the day what you thought in the morning? If yes How? If no Why?

a)      Did you relax in the day?
b)      Did you forget what you thought in the morning?
c)      Did you felt difficult to do?
d)     Did you over target so you could not achieve it?

Definitely you will get some answer.

Ok. Leave it.

By nature Human beings want to be free, relax and want to enjoy all beautiful things available in the world without any effort or difficulty. But is it possible in the real world?

Let’s understand what we mean busy life and easy life.

We thought easy life means what ever we want we should get with a little effort or no effort without any fraction of delay so that our life can be easy and enjoyable.

Busy life means always work and no rest to think about ourselves, others, no enjoyment. So it is very difficult. Who will prefer this life? Why will prefer this busy life?
Now this two point BUSY and EASY is completely Opposite. How it is possible busy life is easy life?

Everybody knows in this real world Resources are limited but human wants are unlimited. All we are materialistic more or less. We got pleasure from this materialistic world. For Example: You bought a new car, got a new laptop, camera, pass your exam with 1st division, got a job in MNC etc. so we got pleasure. Isn’t it?  But why you are happy? After passed your exam with division why you are feeling easy? Let’s see.

If you are a student and passed your exam with division now you will feel easy because you will get a good college for your higher study. Now you can feel easy because you were busy in your study. At the same time think others those who spending their student life easily and now they are not getting admission. Busy or Easy?

If you are an employee very dedicated to your profession and love what you are doing so you are getting your appraisal and promotion? Are you feeling easy? Think others who were chit chatting with others what about them?

If you are a self employed or doing some social service you had put an objective and work for it and got the result. Are you feeling Easy? Think about others those who have no work and morning to evening moving here and there?

Look to a working house wife or lady. What she is doing and an idle hose wife, always complaint about others what she is doing? Who is easy?

Just look to your surrounding there are ‘n’ no of examples on busy and easy.

Why we should be busy? Because our brain is so powerful it can’t be idle and we are leaving in a world where we need lot of things in our life. As like our body need food to survive like that our brain need thoughts. So we should feed our brain with constructive and positive thought everyday morning and we should analyze our self before going to bed. Otherwise like seed like tree. Our brain will absorb all negative thought and will start implementing it. That time we will feel it is the easy life and best life. We can not expect apple if we planted a mango tree. Effort is in our hand but not result. Our effort may be goes waste as like corps goes waste by cyclone or flood. But not always. So why we will fear to put our effort?

Don’t be busy for the sake of busy. If you will not busy somebody will make you busy, like your father need something from you, your teacher given a task to you or the situation is pushing you to be busy for your servival. But if you will be busy for what you want to do then you can enjoy your busy life. So think again. This is real world.

Your mind is a miracle box or like the Jin Of Alhadin Lamp if you will keep busy in a constructive way, so it will give you what you ask. It is little bit dificullt but ultimately you will get real meaning of easy. But at the same time it is like a devil if you will not utilise proper way it will utilise you and take you into that step where don’t think of and after that your rest of life will be always busy, which looks easy.

Do you think we should be always busy for these material achievements? Absolutely not. Believe it or not, God or some one has created us with a clear objective to do a specific role which is inherent inside us. Feel it, understand it and utilize it. This will make our life easy.

Friends your suggestions, Comments are welcome for my next writing.