Thursday, September 8, 2011

My Children; They Are Planning To Kill Me; Please Save.

I am in trouble. Many people are planning to kill me now. However, It’s a shame that I had to express this in front of you today. You can’t see this. Though you see this, you act as an unknown to me. Even so, as a mother I can’t see you in destroy. If I ll be killed, I know that my children will be killed. So that I had to come out. You all are blind now. I have cores of  children. But they are busy with themselves. They have forgotten to me.

It’s a very shame that I had to write over here about my children. Sorry for that. Excuse me my children. What don’t I do for you? Whenever you are in trouble, I was with you. Just go to flash back of your life, of your ancestors’ life, look at the history, you will find your mother’s help in every step. You have no identify without me.  You were orphans. I saved you. When you go to abroad, you take my name to show you as a child of great mother. I have ever stopped you from your freedom? Have I ever asked you help me? Should I ask my children to help me, look after me? I think, I am mad. I also agree that some of your ancestors have made me proud. They were really my great children. I am proud of them. But, what about you? You are also forgetting them, their scarifies.
If you will be keeping yourself busy like this way, you must be going to destroy with me. I don’t care that they will kill me, I care you, I love you. I can’t see you in trouble. 
What happed yesterday, the bastards made a blast in Delhi, in our capital! How did they get to dare to do this? How are they getting support to do this always? They are dancing on my heart. They proved me as a helpless. Now, I feel alone, not for parents, for my children. The bastard terrors don’t have feelings. I know, there are some of my children also with them. I think, some wrong has been made with them. So they are angry. Even so, they should care about their mother, sisters. How can they do this with heart less?
I have distributed the responsibilities to my children with some powers. But, some of them are utilizing it for self-comforts. Some of them are politicians, they are busy with luxurious parties, girls, corruptions. They forgot about the safety of mine. They are not ready to listen the bomb sound, see the fear among my other children. We are not safe in our home itself. So, I evoke my children; you come out and make aware to politicians and about their responsibilities.
Now days, terrorists from other countries, our neighbors are waiting for a chance to destroy me. Like China; He is preparing with powerful weapons near to my border. We don’t have that type of powerful weapons to oppose him. He is supporting to our other neighbors against us. He is taking advantage of LTTE issue through Srilanka. Still, these politicians are busy with internal matters, and don’t be prepared for the situation.
If you don’t have money to invest on my security, then let’s collect 1 rupee / month from each person. Don’t forget that we are 120 cores. We can arrange 120 cores in a day by collecting only 1 rupee from each. Put the all money for the security. 
Stop internal issues as soon as possible. It’s created by them to destroy us. Also, stop the disturbed politicians from corruption, catch them as soon as possible. They had made this situation. I support my son Anna for his evoke to bring a strong law against the corruption. Support him more to more. Like him, you create super ideas to stop this situation and come out for me. I will support you until my last blood cell. Our government should be active more in this situation. Unless, you will do a crime by killing your own mother.

At last, I love you all and have a confident on my children. They are good but for some time they are in a wrong way. They will come back to me. They will save me.

I love you.

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  1. Really, it's very very effective to stay steady for some time. It's a shame for us that our mother is asking help from us.

    I ll do something for my mother. Thanks for this message.


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