Wednesday, October 24, 2012

The Moment I Started to Forget you!!

The moment I started to forget you.. 
sadness ran away from me..
pain sat in the silence in a corner of my heart..
rock life styles rushed into my life..
many huddles solved out..
life became just easy..

but.. but.. I.. 
I lost the power of writings..
couldn't think more..
not able to enjoying the loneliness moments..
no more posts on my blog..
no status on facebook or twitter..
I am not dreaming more.. or not having a race for my dreams
and now the speed became slow to achieve the success..

the moment i started to forget you...
i tried to enjoy life..
i tried to make others smile..
became joker for other to make them smile..
always being happy..

but.. but.. still the pain was there..
it didn't let me go through like this..
came out last night..
helped me to write this.. and, made others to read this..

thanks to the pain.. and thanks a ton to you.. 

do you know who are you??

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