Thursday, December 6, 2012

"I hate Politics" - and I hate them who follow this phrase

"I hate Politics" - Now days, this is a fashion phrase for young. You know what, putting your nose in others business is bad, but not putting it on your own business is a simply symptom of coward. Politics is not a business of them to whom you elected as your leaders, it is purely yours and you have to look after it.

Do you have any idea about yesterday?? The result of this attitude created a biggest shame for our country. We got banned from International Olympic due to our bad politics. Who are responsible for it?

By the way, if you hate politics, then why you just vote a person in a minute with out thinking further? Ok, let's say you don't participate in any voting process, then why are you showing your dissatisfaction when something happens to you personally due to a system that comes through politics?

Come front, take responsibilities, stop corruptions as much you can. Don't run away from it, unless many more awards are on the way to full fill your home. One day will come, you will be rewarded by other countries as a best lazy, selfish, corrupted person in the world along with your country.


Thank you!