Tuesday, May 15, 2012

Why Do You Reply Wrong Though You Know the Correct One?

What is your aim of life? - This is a question that i am asked from my childhood. But my answers are different always!!  Does the answer vary person to person or age to age?

By the way, later I found the answer is one. But most of people reply the answer which is exactly the way to reach at the aim, not the exact answer. Right? When they understood it, the time has been passed and regretted themselves. They had the idea about the answer, but still they ignored that and chose it as their own way. 

Why did they do so? Is it difficult to say and live with the right answer? 

Hmm, may be. But you will find happiness around you always if you can chose the right answer. Yes, do remember that the answer is one and prefixed. :) I wish that you will find it soon and live your life in a great  joy.


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Thank you!