Tuesday, August 11, 2009

Who is

Kishore, a cool and mostly known as a workaholic among his  social circle;  who prefers loneliness for his dearest people, from a poor family in India(He does not like to take any particular village or state name that he belongs to, because he feels India as his own in any place.) He lives with some imaginations that inspires him to live for a longtime in the world for others. The list of his dearest people; it’s not sharable by him; but just take it that that’s the key for his successes. He is thankful to his poorness who guides him always to act in a good way and be strong against the problems.

He says that he has passed in many circumstances like others as usual. He believes that he is not a special in the world neither his problems or his thoughts also. But he is special because he has used his thoughts for a great destiny and never distracted himself from his thoughts, and always be stick in his aim. Sometimes he needs to develop his thoughts and that’s why he practices to listen others, they may be great people or simple. He finds good in all people and filter those for himself, add them in his life immediately. To reach at his aim, he suggests that he should take steps everyday and note down in his personal dairy that he also does.

He entered into the internet world in the year 2005 dramatically. when he was searching a path, that would take away towards his dream, that time he was introduced with PPC, SEO, Internet marketing. He started a SEO company with another boy in the year 2005. What is the 'SEO', They had no Idea. After eight months, many sleepless nights, the two guys got a full map of their company. Anyway the company was grown day by day by efforts of the two guys. After one year the result was that there were four employees for SEO work. And when he left the company, after two years age to the company, company had 8-10 employees and some web designing projects. Now days he doesn't know that how has the company grown.

In those days he got a way to success his dream. And from that day, he is researching on PPC, SEO, SEM. Now he is an employee of a SEO company.


  1. Like Kishore, there is another girl named Rosalin entered into the world of internet marketing in a very sudden move just after her BCA last sem and she also realize that, yes SEO can make her future bright and she realy luv to do that...

    Thanks for sharing your thoughts.

  2. Thanks Rosa for spending some time on this blog.

    I wish you to come back again to this blog while one new post will be published here. I look forward for your comments that will be key for me to improve my thoughts.

    Thanks Again


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